Our certified organic ingredients harness the natural, cleansing benefits of plant based ingredients. Our cold process soap recipes include organic oils, organic herbs and natural exfoliants like oatmeal and pumice. These natural ingredients, have been used in organic soap making for hundreds of years. However, as our society became more industrialized, handmade soaps were replaced with machine milled bars and harsh chemicals. 



The reason this natural way of handmade, natural soap making was abandoned over the years is simple -- cost. It is more cost effective to mass produce commercial soap with machines. Soap recipes with chemical preservatives that make bar soap harder and last longer is cheaper than making honest, ethical natural products. While commercial soap can be produced to have a five year shelf life, the chemicals that do so are harmful to you and the planet. You deserve more. You have our bold commitment to provide more honest, ethical organic soap products that you will love and trust.



It can be difficult to control all of the toxins we introduce into our bodies. What we eat, drink or put on our skin can be a great place to start. There are many benefits to using natural and organic soap products, but you are the most important. Taking care of your health and the planet are simple ways to ensure a healthier, safer, and more sustainable future for all. Live and feel better when you choose products that don't contain harsh chemicals like sulfates, parabens and phthalates.



Let’s face it, men's skin care needs are different. Our skin is thicker and oilier than women’s skin and requires a powerful men's soap that can fight tough dirt, sweat and odor.  Our natural skin care products are specifically formulated with those differences in mind. GFM's natural shampoo is made with aloe vera, real peppermint leaves and tea tree oil.  Tea tree oil has long been used for sensitive skin issues like eczema and dry skin. Our All-in-1 body wash is a "go-to" for guys short on time. Loaded with tough, natural cleansers, this gel is good for use on your face, body and hair.  When you need to get clean, try one of our all natural grooming products and transform your shower into the ultimate grooming experience. 


Did you know harsh chemicals in brand name soaps cause a great deal of the break-outs and dryness issues we have with our skin? Glycerin stops the dry skin problems created by those chemicals. It is one of the main ingredients in lotion and it is a natural moisturizer. During the soap making process, glycerin is naturally created. It adds moisture back into the skin during a shower or bath. For this reason, we should all add as many natural products to our skin care routine as possible; especially those with sensitive skin. 


Experience the best natural soap and skincare made for men. Our handmade organic soap recipes include natural, skin healing ingredients like olive oil and shea butter. Men’s soap made the old fashioned "cold processed" way with organic palm oil, organic sunflower oil and organic olive oil. Try one our all natural soaps to get a deep clean and leave your skin feeling amazing. We use only the best grade essential oils. Our organic soap for men is cold processed and made with bold, manly scents that leave you feeling fresh all day. The result is a rich, cleansing lather wrapped inside the best smelling soap you will ever use. You can count on our soap company to never test on animals and use natural ingredients that are good for you and the planet.